Group Companies グループ一覧



    From development and construction all the way through sales, distribution, asset management, leasing and building maintenance. ITOCHU Group's collective efforts concur to provide our customers with a consistent service chain.

    ITOCHU Property Development, as a comprehensive real estate company, covers a wide range of fields. We offer our group corporate support for matters such as management, real estate distribution, and rental services, backed by an extensive expertise and wealth of experience in such fields. We work closely with the Group's companies in order to provide a total services package from living spaces and office environment through urban development.



    ITOCHU Property Development is the Group’s only comprehensive real estate company engaged in product planning that rapidly incorporates global trends and lifestyles.

    By using the Group’s overseas trading network, we create new ideas for urban and housing development. We will continue to incessantly challenge this business that leads generations.
    ITOCHU Corporation

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